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Point repairs are the most convenient way to repair your pipes without invasive digging or extensive reconstruction costs. Modern trenchless technologies allow us to repair even serious damage without impacting your property. Repairs can be completed efficiently while also saving you money, making point repairs some of the most sought-after techniques in Washington.

What is a Point Repair?

The name “point repair” comes from the fact that most repairs are completed using only one or two access points as opposed to a lengthy trench. Traditional repairs require a trench the length of the damaged pipe to provide direct access and make necessary repairs. Our trenchless technology can typically be used in conjunction with an existing access point, or a small one can be made in a discreet location to minimize our work area.

Types of Trenchless Repairs

Our point repairs usually begin with a camera inspection. The inspection will allow us to pinpoint the exact location and severity of obstructions, damage, and other plumbing problems. When tree roots or other stubborn clogs are in the way, drain cleaning procedures can get rid of the blockage and clear the way for our convenient trenchless repairs.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining

When mild to moderate damage is present, cured-in-place pipe lining can be used to resurface your pipe and fill in cracks, holes, corrosion, and more. A flexible lining coated in epoxy resin is inserted from a nearby access point and adhered to the damaged area. The smooth surface will last for years to come and also reduces the chances of a clog happening again in the same area.

Pipe Replacement with Pipe Bursting

When extensive damage has occurred, pipe bursting is another form of point repair that requires two access points. The pipe bursting equipment involves a bursting head that breaks apart your existing pipe and displaces it into the surrounding soil. Meanwhile, a pulling unit guides a new pipe into place. The equipment is introduced to your system through one access point and retrieved out of the other one, allowing our technician to replace your pipe without digging a trench.

Advantages of Trenchless Point Repair

Point repairs use relatively new technology, but they have quickly revolutionized plumbing repairs and become an integral part of our services at All Phase Plumbing. You can enjoy the following benefits of trenchless technology:

  • Quick and easy repairs that can be completed in as little as a few hours
  • Little to no landscaping, paving, or construction costs
  • No large piles of dirt or other messes to clean up
  • Smaller crew and no large equipment

Choose All Phase Plumbing for Your Point Repair

Don’t delay getting your pipes repaired. We are happy to apply trenchless technologies in almost any situation. Let us fix your plumbing problem with point repairs like cured-in-place lining or pipe bursting. Make All Phase Plumbing your first call for point repairs in Washington.

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 206-772-6077 For Plumbing & Sewer Services

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