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At All Phase Plumbing, we believe in treating our clients like friends and family. That means keeping them informed on our process and answering any questions along the way. We know that plumbing problems may not always be the most pleasant to experience. It can be stressful not knowing where the cause of your problems is coming from, or the confusion of not understanding certain terminology from the plumbing technician. We’re here to clear up the mysteries surrounding plumbing by answering all your general plumbing inquiries, starting with our most frequently asked questions.

What’s the Problem?

There are a wide variety of plumbing problems people can face, but more likely than not our technicians have seen it before. Below is a list of the most common problems our technicians encounter, why they happen and how our experts solve them.

What I do if…

My sink, shower or toilet is leaking If you notice pools of water, hear running water or see your water bill has skyrocketed, it’s possible you have a leak in your pipes. Leaks can come from a number of problems, including advanced corrosion, degraded seals, excess water pressure, cracks, shifted connections, pipe joint damage or incorrect pipe laying. It is important to call for a sewer camera video inspection to get an accurate diagnosis of what’s causing the leak so a team of experts can develop the best solution.

The water pressure is low Most commonly, low water pressure is due to clogged water pipes. If your home or business is experiencing ongoing low water pressure, a hydro jetting service may be the best solution for you. After a sewer camera inspection, All Phase Plumbing experts insert a high-pressure hose into an access point in your pipe to clear out any clogs.

Water is brown or discolored Water can become discolored due to mineral build up or rust dissolving into your water from corroding pipes. If you have pipes over 40 years old, a pipe replacement is typically required. Fortunately, All Phase Plumbing offers trenchless pipe replacement so you can update your pipes without destroying your landscape.

There are seasonal changes or incremental weather It is important to regularly schedule a drain cleaning during seasonal changes or after heavy rain showers to maintain the health of your pipes. Additionally, gutter and roof cleanings should be done by a professional so the rain does not overtax your sup pump during storms.

My electric bill is high If your water heater is electric, it can significantly affect your electric bill. Once your water heater becomes aged, it can start to cause your bill to be higher than necessary. Call All Phase Plumbing for your hot water heater inspection, repair or installation.

The water bill is high Leaks are a frequent hidden cupret for high water bills. Not all leaks are visible, and undetected can waste hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water. It is important to frequently check your home for leaking faucets, toilets and outside taps.

A tree root has infiltrated my pipe Tree roots are a frequent cause of clogs in main sewer lines, particularly if your pipes are made from clay. After a sewer camera inspection, our team will determine if a tree root has found its way into an opening of your pipe, and what kind of damage it has caused. Hydro jetting is a great option to clear out roots and debris from inside the pipes, however if they roots have significantly damaged your pipes trenchless pipe repair may be necessary.

The sink is draining slowly Blockages in the sink are the main cause of slow drains. The severity of the clog will determine the solution. It may be as simple as using a plumber’s snake to remove the blockage, or could require a drain cleaning if it is grease or a difficult build up to break. An expert should perform a sewer camera inspection ahead of time to determine the cause.

My toilet keeps running Your toilet may be running for a number of reasons. Your float may be cracked, allowing water to seep inside the ball preventing it from sitting above the water. Chains that are too long may be getting trapped under the flap, and alternatively chains that are too short won’t allow the flap to seal properly. Call All Phase Plumbing to properly install, or reinstall, your plumbing fixtures to avoid these issues.

It smells like sulfur near my bathroom or kitchen fixtures Foul smelling water is commonly caused by bacteria infiltrating your water heater tank. If the temperature in your water heater tank can no longer heat up like it used to, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced as warm environments are the perfect place for bacteria to be born. If the smell is coming from the drain however, it may be from the sewage line. This may be due to a sewage line break, and will require either trenchless pipe repair or excavation.

I’m considering buying a new home When looking at purchasing a new home, it is always important to schedule a sewer camera inspection first. A camera inspection can give you a complete look at your piping structure and determine if there will be any problems down the line. This can become an excellent negotiating tool, or prevent you from investing in a structure with fault pipes.

My faucet won’t stop dripping Dripping faucets are not only irritating, they can be a huge waste of money as well. Dripping faucets are commonly due to an internal washer becoming stiff, worn or dislodged over time. Call a professional to repair your faucet right away, before wasting gallons of water.

There’s sewage backup in my yard Between the foul odor and damage to the landscape, a sewage backup is one of the worst plumbing problems you can face. Common causes may be a clog in the main sewer line, a tree root invasion or main break or collapse. Fortunately, in most cases trenchless pipe relining methods can be implemented to solve the problem in a day, without having to dig up your lawn.

The kitchen sink is making a gurgling sound The kitchen sink is one of the most used sinks in the home, which means it faces the most wear and tear. A gurgling sound is the sink’s way of letting you know there’s a problem. It may mean there is debris clogging the pipe, which is preventing the sink from fully draining. Even if it is a minor problem, it is important to clear out the clogged drain as soon as possible before it becomes completely clogged. Gurgling sounds could also mean the vent pipe is blocked. The vent pipe is attached to the drain pipe under the sink and allows sewer gas to escape. Vent pipes run up to the roof and can become blocked with exterior debris such as dirt, leaves or nests. It is important to call an expert to unclog your vent pipe safely and successfully.

Common Terminology Plumbing comes with its own set of vocabulary, and understanding the basics can help you make informed decisions. The following list is a guide to understanding common terms used in residential and commercial plumbing.

* **Cured in Place Pipelining, or CIPP:** A cost-effective and time saving alternative to traditional pipe replacement, the cured in place pipe lining restores pipes without having to dig them up. An epoxy liner is installed into the pipes' interior to seal any cracks, cover corrosion and prevent future deterioration.
* **Epoxy Resin:** An adhesive commonly used in trenchless pipe lining which bonds cracks and coats the inside of pipes to prevent future deterioration.
* **Grease Trap:** Frequently used in commercial kitchens, grease traps prevent grease clogs in pipes. These traps collect grease and solids before entering the disposal system and should be regularly be pumped out.
* **Hydro Jetting:** Hydro jetting is a system of drain cleaning which uses high-pressure water to clear clogs, debris or corrosion. After a sewer camera inspection, professionals will determine the best place to insert the nozzle into the drain, which then sends a powerful stream of powerful water through the pipe.
* **Pipe Bursting:** An effective form of pipe replacement, pipe bursting breaks apart your existing pipe without having to dig up your lawn. An expert begins by inserting a special bursting head with a brand new pipe attached through an entrance point in the pipeline. The bursting head is pushed through the pipe using hydraulic power, breaking up the existing pipe. This makes way for the brand new pipe to replace the old.
* **Open Trench Excavation:** Pipe excavation is the process of digging up your damaged pipe to replace it with a new pipe. While trenchless methods prevent damage to lawn care, excavation can sometimes be the best option as contractors can directly access the pipe.
* **Rooter Services:** A type of service which involves clean drains or repairing pipes. This may involve using snaking tools or water to clear your system.
* **Rough-in Plumbing:** Rough in plumbing means running the water supply and drain pipes through the frames, without attaching any fixtures such as sinks or faucets at this phase.
* **Sewer Camera Inspection:** Sewer camera video inspections are used by professionals to determine the cause of your plumbing problems. A technician will locate an access point and insert a high-definition camera attached to a flexible rod into the pipe. There, they will receive real-time footage of the pipe's inside, allowing them to determine the exact cause and location of the problem.
* **Snaking:** A traditional method of drain cleaning that involves inserting a professional grade snak into the pipe. The bristles of the snakes captures blockages within the pipe and remove all unwanted materials with ease. Snakes come in different sizes, starting with the drain snake which is used from washing machines, showers, sinks or bathtubs. The next size up is a mini-rooter, about 50 to 75 feet long and great for larger drains. The largest snaking tool is a sewer auger, 100 feet and commonly used for main sewer lines and large drains.
* **Storm Drains:** An infrastructure used to drain excess rain from surfaces such as roofs or sidewalks.
* **Trenchless Repair:** Trenchless repair an alternative to excavation that does not require any extensive digging. These services include sewer camera inspections, drain cleanings and trenchless pipe lining.

What services does All Phase Plumbing offer?

The list for plumbing problems and their solutions is extensive, but our teams is experienced in it all. We offers a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties, including:

* Installation and repairs of fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, garbage disposals and hot water heaters
* Residential bathroom & kitchen remodels
* Rough-in Plumbing
* Leaking repairs
* Video Inspection
* Sewer and drain cleaning
* Trenchless sewer line repair
* Cured in place pipelining
* Pipe bursting
* Hydro jetting
* Excavation
* Grease trap services
* Storm drain cleaning

Benefits of Choosing All Phase Plumbing

All Phase Plumbing is the reliable source for your plumbing services. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and are there to answer your questions 247. Discover what sets our team of experts apart below.

Trusted Technicians: Each of our technicians are licensed and bonded, so you can be assured you’re getting expert, quality service on the job.

High-Tech Equipment: Our team uses the top equipment in the industry that allows us to handle any plumbing or sewer emergency.

Range of Services: The name says it all. At All Phase Plumbing we can handle any project that comes our way, from large scale projects to simple maintenance repairs. Give us a call to learn our complete list of services.

Emergency Services: Plumbing problems don’t just happen from 9 to 5. The All Phase Plumbing staff is available for emergency plumbing services to be there when you need us most.

Schedule Online: Enjoy the ease of scheduling our services online, or give us a call to talk with our team in person 247.

Free Estimate: We believe in being open and upfront about our services. Give us a call to get a free estimate and learn more about what makes All Phase Plumbing unique.

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas
Call 206-772-6077 For Plumbing & Sewer Services

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